“Lynne is a woman born to empower others!Whether on a one-to-one coaching, or in a group session, her approach is discerning and incisive, always leading to personal breakthroughs, another perspective, and greater self-awareness and confidence.

Her energy is huge, and I would more than highly recommend anyone to speak with Lynne or attend any of her courses if they feel or know that there is more ‘out there’ for them! Lynne is a wonderful inspiration and a warm and supercharged lady!” NP

I have worked in the field of health and wellbeing for nearly 40 years. Potted history - I moved from a successful nursing career in a London teaching hospital to running my own complementary therapy practice to training as a life coach, which I have been doing for 13 years. During this time I also gave birth to two sons, now wonderful men.

After attaining a Diploma in Life Coaching I wanted to develop my skills further so completed a course in spiritual coaching and subsequently transformational coaching.

Coaching is a way of life rather than a job, thus growing and developing myself and my coaching skills is at the core of everything I do.

My absolute passion is coaching women to liberate their brilliance.

I believe that there is little point in setting goals if you are not setting them from the ‘right place’ within yourself.  By ‘right place’ I mean the heart of you, the core of you where you source your energy and can tap into your intuition.

Accessing this place requires peeling away the layers of beliefs and fears that have built up and untangling the stories you have come to accept as reality.

Discovering your own truth, remembering the woman you were always meant to be – now that’s the right place to set goals from. It’s from here that you can be sure you are setting the goals you really want.

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions, workshops and 1 day events for women.

I am currently funded by Think Family and a Children and Family Centre to run my very successful ‘It’s All About You’ self-esteem course for groups of mums in Littlehampton.   

If you want to take the next right step for you and feel coaching would help you please listen to that inner voice and trust your intuition.                        

Contact me today to arrange an informal chat. 

"Lynne - our coaching calls are magical and literally light up my week. I

arrive like a limp lettuce and leave feeling energised, purposeful ... I love your
clarity, your innate sense of potentials and energy and the way you can

artfully cut through the crud and bring me back to my truth and the

difference I'm here to make. You truly are transformational." GG