It’s All About You Self-Esteem Course

This course was designed to support mothers attending a Family and Children's Centre who struggle with low self-esteem. It can be easily adapted to support specific goals for an organisation. This course provides a strong foundation and prepares participants to fully benefit from other interventions and courses.

Lack of self-esteem creates lack of self-belief, self-confidence, motivation and ambition. The women become disempowered and find it difficult to make the best choices either for themselves or their families. Whatever aspiration they have for their children they may not have the emotional resilience to effectively support them. 

This is not news, it is widely recognised that the emotional health of a mother has a direct impact on the whole family, both positive and negative. By supporting mothers to believe in themselves and change their mind set, they start to break negative patterns of behaviour and make positive choices that empower themselves and their whole family. They become motivated again and start to look outside of the home to volunteer, study or look for employment. They start to model healthier attitudes and behaviours for their children. 


Aims of course:

  •          To increase self-esteem, self-belief, self-confidence
  •          To start to develop emotional resilience
  •          To inspire and motivate
  •          To empower
  •          To encourage new ways of thinking 
  •          To inspire aspiration and ambition

Objectives of course:

  •          Participants to start to value themselves
  •          Participants to start to break patterns of negative behaviours
  •          Participants to make positive choices for self and children
  •         Participants to start to seek opportunities outside the home – work, study or volunteering
  •          Participants to broaden their horizons – particularly regarding types of work they believe they can consider
  •          Participants to set goals to continue to work towards when course finished

Course Structure:

8 week courses for 10 mothers. Courses consist of:

  •         8 x 2 hour workshops at weekly intervals (school holidays permitting) during term time
  •          1 x 1:1 coaching session per participant
  •          Pre and post course questionnaires to measure effectiveness 
Please contact me  if you would like further information or to discuss specific requirements

‘The course has changed my life completely. I was very down with very little self- confidence when I started the group. During the course of the sessions and since, I am filled with confidence and believe in myself and what I can achieve. In the group, I explored becoming a teaching assistant but was challenged by Lynne to look at teaching as I have a passion for education … So from a throwaway comment about becoming a teaching assistant, I now have a four year plan to get the education I have always wanted and pursue a worthwhile career.’ SD 

‘When I first started the course I had not long come out of an abusive relationship. I was lost in life. I had no ambition. Through the sessions I learnt that I'm worth something. I found I still have a passion for things. I applied for college which I would never have thought of doing. I was a closed guarded individual before I met Lynne. Now I'm open, I approach people and I strive for what I want in life. I'm confident, happy and proud to be me. I realise my own worth.’ KB