A 75 year Harvard Medical School study has revealed that good, supportive relationships are the secret to happiness and life satisfaction -  stating:  “Happiness is love. Full Stop.” 

Based on this it makes sense to prioritise building and maintaining good relationships. But my experience as a life coach has shown me that this is the one area that women struggle with the most …. for many and varied reasons.

Before launching into new relationships or trying to sort out existing ones we must take a crucial first step that is usually completely overlooked. Just as we lay solid foundations before building a house so we must for building good, lasting relationships.

Q. Who is the one person you bring to every relationship in your life?

A. Yourself.

Q. What is the one relationship you tend to completely overlook?

A. The one with yourself.

So your happiness depends on you turning your focus to yourself, understanding yourself better, remembering who you are and having a strong loving relationship with yourself. 


If only! I have seen so many women squirm in horror when asked to give themselves the same love and support they give others.

It’s much easier to ask others to give you what you need – unconditional love, respect, support etc. – than it is to give it to yourself. But this obviously isn't working for many women. Whatever it is you are looking for in a relationship you must be able to give yourself first. That’s how others will know how to treat you, you are showing them what you expect.

Imagine shifting from NEEDING relationships to make you feel whole and complete to WANTING relationships to complement all that you already are. Less disappointment, frustration and regret, more happiness, sharing and laughter.

Getting your relationship with yourself right positively impacts absolutely everyone and everything in your life. If you are one of the many who believe it is selfish or indulgent to focus too much on yourself remember that you will actually be building strong foundations for the rest of your life.

Wondering how to start? Think about the following:  

How much unconditional love, support and encouragement do you give yourself?

How often do you put yourself in situations that drain you or make you feel ‘less’?

How often do you judge yourself negatively?

How much do you do to nurture yourself?

Being willing to do this for yourself will transform your life. 

 I LOVE inspiring women to liberate their brilliance, which is what happens when you peel away the layers to love yourself more and remember who you really are. It's what I do - I'm brilliant at it and I would love to help you. Contact me if you’d like to find out more about how I can support you.